BushRanger Camper Trailers

BushRanger Trailer Jeep Combo

Tent camping is a thing of the past with the range of Kakadu Campings’ BushRanger Camper Trailers. By combining the practicality and space provided by a large tent, with the portability and ease of an RV or travel trailer the BushRanger campers are the ideal solution.

BushRanger Construction

Part heavy-duty trailer, part tent-trailer, the BushRanger starts with an all steel utility trailer with plenty of cargo space for all your camping gear. On top of the trailer base is a heavy duty trailer tent, made with Satproof™ Canvas, that includes a queen size main bed, and a self supporting side-folding tent section that unfolds to reveal up to 200 square feet of living space. The trailer tent, including the awning, poles, mattress etc. stores on top of the trailer so the box of the trailer is all extra cargo space. Made from SatProof™ canvas and PVC flooring, the Camper Trailer tent is built for the harshest conditions, yet sets up in less than 10 minutes. You get an amazing amount of room, in a rugged, off road capable, yet lightweight package, that makes camping in style more affordable and accessible than ever before.

Off Road Camper Trailers

The BushRanger XT and SE are both designed as both designed to follow your built up and capable 4WD anywhere you can take it. Both of these travel trailers utilize the addition travel of the Timbren axel-less suspension to help ensure that the trailer will stay level going over even the most uneven terrain.

These trailers are both designed to handle the more rugged terrain that they will encounter. The BushRanger XT gets an upgrade over the Bushranger 200 with additional checker plated steel fenders and front and rear steps. It also comes with a 2” hitch tube insert rather than a fixed hitch, allowing you to use a Max Coupler hitch or similar to allow for addition movement off road.

Further to that a larger tire on both trailers offers greater ground clearance ensuring that the trailer isn’t dragged over avoidable obstacles.

Why A Camper Trailer?

There are a large number of reasons that people will use a tent trailer / camper trailer / travel trailer. One of the most common reasons is that it allows for a substantial increase in storage space which is excellent for camping based road trips. Another common reason is that it allows for easy set up and pack down considering the size of the living area you can achieve. In less than 10 minutes you can have an area that will comfortably sleep 4, in an additional 5 minutes you can have a massive awning set up, doubling your living area.

There are hundreds of other reasons why a travel trailer is a great addition to your camping set up, ultimately they all come down to the fact that it makes camping and traveling more comfortable, convenient and enjoyable for the whole family.


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