A/T Habitat Truck Topper

  • A/T Habitat Truck Topper
  • A/T Habitat Truck Topper
  • A/T Habitat Truck Topper
  • A/T Habitat Truck Topper
  • A/T Habitat Truck Topper
  • A/T Habitat Truck Topper
  • A/T Habitat Truck Topper
  • A/T Habitat Truck Topper
  • A/T Habitat Truck Topper
  • A/T Habitat Truck Topper
  • A/T Habitat Truck Topper
  • A/T Habitat Truck Topper
  • A/T Habitat Truck Topper
  • A/T Habitat Truck Topper

See Below for AT Tacoma Habitat USD pricing.
Please contact us for a detailed estimate.

Our Demo model 6' Tacoma habitat is for sale at a special price - Contact matt@kakaducamping.com for details.

Continuing with its tradition of designing purposeful high quality equipment for overland travel, AT Overland Equipment now offers the all new  Habitat truck topper. Kakadu Camping is proud to be first Canadian dealer for the Habitat ... an entirely new vehicle-based camping concept that is taking the Overland market by storm!

The goal of the new camper design is to provide a lightweight yet robust camping platform for today’s’ fuel efficient trucks while still leaving room for the individual owners to customize it to their specific needs. The Habitat addresses the needs for a reliable opening mechanism, built in awning and high quality fabrics not currently offered in the market space. 

Designed to fill the void between the traditional truck topper and the slide in camper, the Habitat can be easily deployed by one person to reveal a cavernous and functional interior. The design allows for full stand up room in the bed of the truck under the protective canopy of the all season tent. The cantilever sleeping platform is stoutly supported by 6061 aluminum rods, features a comfortable dense foam mattress and supports 600 lbs.

The shell is made from lightweight aluminum composites and weighs in at a scant 340 lbs. Opening and closing of the top is facilitated by robust gas springs. The durable Teflon impregnated ripstop nylon Habitat tent is made exclusively for AT by Nemo Equipment. The 15 foot long tent will protect you from the elements while the Habitat’s self-supporting sleeping area for two will assure you a sound night’s sleep. Entering the Habitat through the tailgate reveals 7 feet of headroom while standing in the truck bed. The deployed platform doubles as a protective awning at the rear of the truck. Truck camping has just been elevated!

Available for the following trucks:

Suit 5’ & 6’ bed Tacoma, 1995 to present, 5′ & 6′ bed Frontiers, 5′ & 6' bed Colorado/ Canyon  -  Base price $10,200 USD ex Delta BC (includes crating cost, delivery to BC via truck freight and Customs/Brokerage charges)

5.5′ bed Tundra, Ram 1500 & 2500, Ford F-150 and Raptor,  6.5′ bed Tundra, Ram 1500 & 2500 and Ford F-150  -  Base price $10,400 USD ex Delta BC  (includes crating cost, delivery to BC via truck freight and Customs/Brokerage charges)

Built to order only, please contact us for a detailed quote with desired options, and to discuss current lead times.  Installation and options are available - see below.

** At times we may have ex-demo/display or customer used units available for sale... please contact matt@kakaducamping.com for details of what is currently available for sale.

Standard Features: 

  • Base price $10,500 USD suit Tacoma, Colorado, Frontier and Canyon 5 and 6' beds
  • Base price $10,500 USD suit Tundra, Ram 1500 & 2500, Ford F-150 and Raptor 5.5′ and 6.5′ beds
  • Easy 1 minute deployment and stowage
  • Sleeps 2 standard
  • Built in mattress
  • Clothing gear loft and 4 side pockets in tent
  • Insulated sleeping platform and shell walls
  • Built in awning by design covering entrance area
  • All aluminum composite construction
  • Ruggedly designed for 4×4 travel
  • All season tent, no rain fly required
  • Standard color: Clear coated aluminum frame with white painted side panels


Materials Specifications:

  • Insulated aluminum composite panels
  • Nemo Equipment Habitat Tent: Teflon impregnated ripstop nylon
  • Stainless Steel hardware
  • .060″ 5052 CNC formed aluminum
  • Base weight: 340 lbs
  • Roof weight capacity: 350 lbs
  • Cantilever Bed loading capacity: 600 lbs


Dimensions – Habitat closed:

  • 32.75″ tall with roof Bars, 32.25″ Tall with Track only (add 2″ for Full-size trucks)
  • 53″ Wide at top
  • 93.5″ Long at top
  • Mid-size length at base: 5′ = 64.375  &  6′ = 76.375″
  • Mid-size width at base: 64″
  • Full-size length at base: 5.5′ = 67.5″ &  6.5′ = 77″
  • Full-size width at base: 70″


Dimensions – Habitat open:

  • 87″ x 48″ x 2″ Hi-Density Foam Mattress with washable cover
  • 92″ Standing room at Rear, 81″ Standing room at front (add 2″ for Full Size Trucks) 
  • 186.5″ Long when deployed 
  • 51″ of headroom over bed area


Roof Overhang for 5′ & 6′ Mid-size Trucks (Tacoma, Colorado, Frontier):

  • 20″ on 6′ bed, 32″ on 5′ bed  
  • 23″ from top of truck bed to underside of overhang 


Roof Overhang for 5.5 & 6.5 Full-size Trucks (Tundra, Ram, F-150, Silverado): 

  • 19″ on 6.5 bed, 31″ on 5.5 bed  
  • 25″ from top of truck bed to underside of overhang

    Options: (Pricing subject to change)

    • Installation to customer vehicle -  $650 CAD
    • Cab slider window $360 USD
    • Roof Rack (3 bars) on adjustable track $804 USD
    • Side slider windows (each) $410 USD
    • AT Cargo Door 450x1100 (17.7" x 43.") with radiused corners, locking finger pulls. Specify: Driver's side or Passenger's side, Opening upwards, or Opening downwards $550 (per side) USD
    • Rear liftgate insert window $290 USD
    • Interior lighting (2 LEDs: white, red or amber) $250 USD
    • Interior lighting (single switched 9 LED, white) $170 USD
    • 12V power system (1 x 12V power port, 1 x double USB, 2 x LED lights) $375 USD
    • Interior carpeting $350 USD
    • Habitat side awning $439 USD
    • Awning room enclosures (in development, pricing TBD)
    • Interior cabinetry (in development, pricing TBD)
    • Drop in panels to sleep 3 or 4 persons $360-720 USD
    • Color match to vehicle $1,300+ USD (can vary depending upon color) 

    * All prices are in USD unless otherwise noted, and subject to change. Base price shown is FOB Delta BC and includes applicable delivery and import charges to our Delta BC location. Installation costs for fitting the Habitat to your truck (if desired) are additional. Please contact us for more information or to receive a detailed price estimate for your truck.