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The Single Drawer Car Back Kitchen (SDCB) from Drifta is perfect for camping and cooking out of your SUV or 4WD… and like all of Drifta’s camp kitchens, it’s super well thought out and handcrafted in Australia.

The kitchen comes with fold out galvanized steel legs that are fully adjustable to accommodate for uneven ground.
It has a large fold over counter space with a durable prep surface and a hand pump and wash basin that you can easily deploy when in camp. The supplied hose simply drops into your jerry can and pumps on demand… plus the removable basin makes it easy to dispose of waste water in the proper way.

Inside the kitchen is a large single drawer with room for a good size stove plus an insert drawer for cutlery and small items that is easily removed.

The sturdy legs fold up under the main drawer and are tucked up inside a full perimeter base of teflon skids so you don’t have to baby the unit when loading it in and out of your vehicle. The single leg support for the fold over counter tucks neatly away on the back of the unit for storage.

Also, the exterior is coated in top grade automotive carpet so you can load your gear around the kitchen when packing the truck for your trip. Speaking of which, the feature that makes this particular kitchen ideal for vehicle based camping is that with the single drawer, you can still access everything inside your kitchen when on the road, without having to unload the back of the vehicle. This is ideal for grabbing a quick meal or putting on a hot coffee when your out exploring. The drawer features a stainless, key lockable latch so it acts just like an expensive drawer system, but with the added bonus of being able to be set up independently as a kitchen at your favourite campsite.

The Single Drawer Car Back Drifta kitchen measures about 38” long, including the base skids, 12” tall, and 18” wide. It weighs about 45 pounds with beefy handles on each end that make it pretty easy to move about camp.

These Aussie made kitchens are a great piece of kit, and will absolutely crank up your camp cooking experience.

Your SDCB comes with:

  • freestanding fully adjustable legs
  • 1 x large single drawer with stainless lockable latch
  • plastic sink/tub
  • handpump and hose
  • fold over counter space


  • Height: 290mm
  • Length: 900 mm + 900mm fold out
  • Width: 480 mm
  • Weight: 20 kgs