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Enjoy an ultra-white, even light while camping. Up to 5 units can be combined together off the one 12V plug. Easily attaches to tent poles and awnings and draws less than 0.5 amps per metre with minimal heat so they can be placed just about anywhere that you need light.


  • Convenient Velcro™ hanging loops.
  • Protective carry bag with light window.
  • Ultra-white 480 Lumen 24 LED bulbs per metre.
  • Easy to reach in line switch (with 12V car plug version).
  • Extremely low power consumption less than 0.5 amps/m.
  • Quick to install with screw-lock weather resistant safety connectors at both ends.
  • Long life resin injected outer casing.
NOTE: At least one unit with the 12V car plug is required for operation. Additional strips (up to 4) can be connected via the single car plug or used separately.