Engel Deep Blue Coolers

  • Engel Deep Blue Coolers
  • Engel Deep Blue Coolers
  • Engel Deep Blue Coolers
  • Engel Deep Blue Coolers

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Why You Need a Performance Cooler

A few years ago, after one more cooler was on its way to the dump, the folks at Engel decided that enough was enough. Adventurers deserved better. So a new ice chest was designed. Not just an improvement on the old models, but a brand new concept, designed from the ground up to re-define what an ice chest could be.

Take a look at what makes an Engel Deep Blue Performance Cooler the number one rated cooler in the country. Roto-molded of seamless polyethylene, it's tough enough to stand up to a hungry grizzly bear. (In fact, it's an approved bear-resistant container.) A full 2" of dense polyurethane foam is injected top, bottom and sides to provide 8-10 days of cold-keeping capability. But this is just the start…

The Inside Story: 
HOLD ICE FOR 8-10 DAYS - 2" of high Quality Polyurethane insulation Top, bottom and Sides
KEEP THE COLD WHERE IT BELONGS - Air-Tight Freezer Gasket Seals Entire Lid
DRAIN WITHOUT STRAIN - Pitched, Self-Draining Bottom
ONE TWIST OF THE WRIST - One-Turn Drain Plug
YOU WON'T COME UNHINGED - Integrated Walls Withstand Freezing Effects of Dry ice
EASY TO KEEP CLEAN - Any Non-Abrasive Cleaner Brings Back the Clean

The Outside Story:
CERTIFIED BEAR-RESISTANT CONTAINER - When locked in both corners with optional pad locks
DON'T JUST STAND THERE - Non-Skid Lid Built for Standing and Sitting on
KEEP OUT THE BEARS - AND YOUR BUDDIES - Holes in Front Corners for Lid Locks
WHEN IT'S TIME TO GO - Molded Hand Grips and Convenient Rope Handles
BUILT TO STAY PUT - Large, Non-Skid, Non-Marking Feet Keep the Cooler From Sitting on the Deck
WHEN IT'S TIME TO SWAB THE DECK - Raised Base for Easy Cleaning
AN OPEN AND SHUT CASE FOR BETTER LATCHES - Flush Mounted Marine Grade Latches with Stainless Steel Hardware and Backing Plates
THEY DON'T HAVE WINGS - TIE IT DOWN - Easily Secure Cooler with Most Tie-Down Systems. Our Patent Pending Multi-way Attachment-System.

Patents are pending.