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We're proud to work the crew at Drifta Australia to bring some of their unique 4WD drawer systems to the USA and Canada. What we do is combine a bunch of customer orders together into one container shipment to our BC location, and then ship individual orders out from here to customers across North America.

PLEASE NOTE: Currently due to long lead times and shipping constraints there are limited models of Drawers that we are offering, specifically only for the 5 Seater 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner.

These Drifta units are pretty unique…they use Teflon runners to help the drawers slide – by using Teflon you save weight, space and money! Plus the Teflon slides smoother and easier than traditional bearing runners. Very popular too is the slide out table that can be ordered with most of our units…this can be slid half way out and used as a counter space out the back of your truck, or removed completely and set up free standing – very handy. Plus there’s options for pull out kitchens, water tanks, fridge slides, sleeping platforms, tie down points and much more.  Custom built for each vehicle to make sure the units are the exact LxW that will fit into the space you have – this means you get no wasted space around the sides, so the biggest drawer you can for your money.

Please note: For many of the smaller items on the Drifta website we don't generally import them unless it's combined with a Drawer or Kitchen order... but the vast majority of this gear can be ordered directly off the Drifta Australia web site and shipped to the US and Canada.