ARB Vehicle Awnings

  • ARB Vehicle Awnings
  • ARB Vehicle Awnings
  • ARB Vehicle Awnings
  • ARB Vehicle Awnings
  • ARB Vehicle Awnings
  • ARB Vehicle Awnings
  • ARB Vehicle Awnings

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ARB Awnings offer fast and convenient shade and protection from the elements anywhere you can take your vehicle. ARB awnings are tough and versatile with a wide range of accessories on offer. 

ARB Awning Features

  • NEW - Updated bag design gives a compact look and feel.
  • NEW - Zipper extends up the ends of the bag, allowing it to open further which assists in securing and deploying the canvas.
  • NEW - Addition of reinforcing bolts to reduce ex of the inner and outer mounting extrusions.
  • NEW - Molded extrusion end caps with ARB branding and sail track protection.
  • NEW - Reinforced panel on canvas to reduce chances of wear in severe conditions.
  • Conforming to the stringent fabric flammability standards of the North American market, each batch of material used in the ARB awning or awning accessory is tested by an independent certified body (SGS) in accordance with international CPAI-84 standards and specifications. The benefit of flame retardancy is an assurance that if an ember from a nearby fire was to fall onto the material, your ARB product should not ignite, but if it does it will in fact self extinguish.
  • Flexible arm/leg hinge joints. This helps to prevent damage to the arms and legs of the awning in the unlikely event that the awning is not secured properly. Brittle plastic or aluminium joints used by the majority of our competitors usually result in damage to the poles or the main awning extrusions.
  • Clear anodized aluminium. This prevents the possibility of corrosion in the arms or legs which results in jamming when trying to extend or retract and arm/leg.
  • PU coated 300 GSM poly cotton rip stop canvas. PU (Polyurethane) is a coating that makes the canvas impervious to water at hydrostatic head ratings above 1500mm. That’s far more water than the awning structure could ever be designed to cope with.
  • PVC reinforcement panels and plastic nut caps. The awning outer beam is designed to be rolled over the canvas when stowing. The addition of the PVC patches and nut caps prevent the awning legs and hinge joint assembly from rubbing on the canvas in severe conditions.
  • UPF50+ Ultraviolet Protection Rating. This is the highest rating achievable for fabrics and equates to 97.5- 98% blocking of UV rays.
  • 2mm thick awning beam extrusions. Many competitor products use only 1mm thick extrusions making them weaker in hinge areas and more prone to damage.
  • 900 GSM UV stable laminated PVC cover. Enhanced durability, UV and water resistance.

      Available in 2 sizes

      2000mm W x 2500mm D
      2500mm W x 2500mm D

      Note: A 1.25m X 2.1m version is available as a special order product.


      Prices do not reflect installation costs. Please contact us for installation costs and requirements for your vehicle.