SatProof™ Canvas

SatProof™ Canvas by OZtrailSatProof™ 600+ Canvas Walls are a heavy weight 340gsm blended Ripstop cotton canvas. The anti-mildew water proofing agent is saturated throughout the canvas before manufacture so even after wear and tear it will still provide a waterproof barrier. SatProof 600+ Canvas™ offers a minimum of 600 mm hydrostatic water head creating a waterproof canvas that still minimises condensation build up. The structure of cotton allows water vapour molecules to pass through and at the same time provide a barrier to water droplets.

Silver Coated SatProof™ 800+ Canvas

Roofs are a 350gsm blended cotton canvas. In a similar process to SatProof 600+ Canvas™ this fabric is treated further to provide 800mm hydrostatic water head and maintains the same level of breathability. After weaving the fabric is rolled under pressure to accept the silver coating that blocks out more than 98% of UV radiation and heat. The technology used in this protective coating has been developed to provide a level of finish never seen before in a canvas product.


Know Your Camper Trailer Tent

OZtrail Camper Trailer Tents are manufactured from waterproof and water repellent fabrics. However, with the addition of seams, zips and other desirable features a recreational Camper Trailer Tent cannot be as waterproof as a car, house or other solid structures. The following are common examples of how water can enter a Camper Trailer Tent.


When warm moist air meets cooler air, condensation of water gas into water liquid occurs. The Camper Trailer Tent walls and roof form an impermeable layer between the inside and outside climatic conditions. The moisture inside the tent condenses on the canvas fabric and water droplets are formed. Sometimes these water droplets build up to appear that the fabric is leaking when in fact the cause is condensation. Condensation can be reduced if the Camper Trailer Tent is well ventilated to reduce the build- up of warm moist air on the ceiling.


All care is taken in the design to cover zips with storm flaps or position them where water will not flow. At times wind driven rain could force water under the flaps and through the zips. To minimise this, make sure all doors and windows are closed with flaps securely covering the zip wherever possible. FLOOR If the ground is very wet or water pools under the floor, then the downward pressure of standing or kneeling on the floor can draw water through minute wear holes in the floor fabric or where there are joins in the floor fabric. To prevent this, do not set up the Camper Trailer Tent in hollows and make sure water drains away from the tent site.

Structural Integrity

A well set up Camper Trailer Tent on level ground is structurally strong and the most waterproof. During periods of prolonged rain and wind it may be necessary to tighten and adjust the frame, pegs and guy ropes as well as making sure any ground water is flowing away from the camp site. A sagging roof or awning weakens the Camper Trailer Tent structure and could allow water to pond on the roof causing leakage, structural damage and fabric tears.

Conditioning the Canvas Fabric

A new or recently detergent cleaned Camper Trailer Tent requires conditioning. Simply set up the Camper Trailer Tent and wet it down thoroughly with a garden hose until the fabric and all seams are saturated. Pay particular attention to the seams – the thread swells when wet and blocks the needle holes. The canvas fabric also benefits from this wetting and drying because the cotton swells into the weave and the waterproof treatment settles within the fabric. Let the tent dry completely before repeating the wetting and drying cycle. Keep repeating the wetting and drying process until there is no leakage during the hosing phase. If after wetting and drying cycles there is still some leakage a canvas sealing compound can be purchased from most camping stores, read the manufacturer's instructions carefully before using the canvas sealing compound. Always make sure the Camper Trailer Tent is completely dry before packing it away.