Roof Top Tents

A roof top tent can be one of the most advantageous options for quick and easy camping. They provide the user with a comfortable pre-made bed ready for any adventure of quick stop over.

4x4 Roof Top Tent

The 4wd Roof top tent is heavily used in both Australia and South Africa when travelling to some of the most remote places in the world. So why do people like them so much?

  • Sleeping off the ground - Away from the numerous dangerous creatures.
  • Cooler - Due to the airflow under and around the tent.
  • Suitable in rocky terrain - It doesnt matter what the ground covering is because you will be sleeping high and mighty above it. 
  • Fast & Simple - The roof top tent in one of the fastest and simplest set-ups, most set up in under a minute and pack down in two.


Roof Top Tent Construction

Most commonly constructed from heavy duty canvas, roof top tents are usually designed on a platform that hinges in the middle to allow for easy set-up and pack down. Using canvas on these tents allows them to breath easily in the many hot climates they come across while also proving to be water tight. Many of the roof top tent also feature a "tropical cover" this serves two purposes; The first is that it allows a pocket of air to be created between the tent and the hot roof, keeping inside cooler. The second is that it allows for additional weather proofing as it will often be made out of a less breathable but more resistant material.

Roof Top Tent with Annex

A common addition to many roof top tents is the option of an annex. The annex will usually zip on to the base of the roof top tent that is over hanging from the vehicle. The annex most commonly is used as a closed off extra room to potentially get changed in, store kitchen equipment or personal belongings or to offer a place for one or two kids to sleep.