ARB Fridge/Freezers

If you like to camp off the beaten path, away from the crowds, then you've probably faced the challenge of keeping food and drinks cold while off the grid.

Coolers are a popular option, but if you are sick of soggy sandwiches, or running to town to restock ice, then a portable fridge/freezer from ARB may be the ticket.

Not to be confused with cheaper 12V coolers available at the big box stores, these true compressor fridges will provide reliable compressor driven refrigeration in the harshest of conditions. Cheaper coolers are often limited by the ambient temperature and may only be able to achieve 15-20 degrees below the outside temps. No good when it's 35 degrees in the shade. Best of all, they typically draw only 1-2amps of power so they are safe to run in your vehicle, off a battery bank, or can even be powered by solar. In addition, these rugged units are designed to thrive off road in the kind of terrain that your vehicle loves to explore, and will keep on rockin' at up to 30 degree inclines. 

With an ARB fridge/freezer you'll always have fresh food and a nice 'cold one' on hand no matter where your adventure takes you.