Drifta Car Back camp kitchen / chuck box
Drifta Car Back camp kitchen / chuck box Drifta Car Back camp kitchen is portable Drifta Car Back features freestanding legs Drifta Car Back – fold over counter Drifta Car Back Camp Kitchen Drifta Car Back – rear view Drifta Car Back – cutlery drawer Drifta Car Back – pull out drawer Drifta Car Back – pull out drawer

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Drifta Car Back Portable Camp Kitchen.

The Drifta Car Back Kitchen is the ideal compact unit for almost any vehicle based travel. It is a totally freestanding kitchen that allows you to set up camp pretty much anywhere, excellent for sites that you cant get your vehicle to. The Car Back Kitchen is one of the simplest models on offer, it features a three draw system, one large draw on the end and a medium and small one facing the front. The small draw even comes with pre fitted dividers to allow you to organize your utensils.

The Drifta Car Back Portable Kitchen offers around 1.8m of clear bench space, this allows you to easily have a stove and sink with plenty of space left to chop the veggies. The Drifta is also finished in "bootliner" carpet to easily blend in with an existing draw system and allowing it to stand up to the rough conditions of 4wding.

Drifta Car Back Kitchen Includes

Your DCB comes with:

  • freestanding fully adjustable legs
  • 3 x drawers
  • handpump and hose
  • plastic sink/tub
  • fold over counter space


  • Height: 290mm
  • Length: 900 mm + 900mm fold out
  • Width: 480 mm
  • Weight: 19 kgs