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Base System price includes: 2 drawer with table unit, side wing KIT, and all installation hardware, cut outs in the base for access to under floor storage (side mount sub only)

Specially designed to fit and work in the 4 door Jeep JK. There are 2 slightly different units – one designed for the side mounted sub, and another designed for the floor mounted sub. The sizing is literally millimetre perfect, so makes full use out of all the space you have so biggest drawers possible – whichever model you have. This is a really neat little unit that fits a lot into the space.

You can see how there is no wasted space by using our Teflon slide system – so we save space and weightby doing away with normal roller runners – and Drifta drawers slide very free and easy. The table is unique to Drifta and fits above one of the drawers so is always ready to use and easy to get to. The table can go either side, but if you’re going to carry a fridge in the back these need to be on opposite sides. The table can be used half slid out, or can be set up free standing with the full set of steel legs attached to the bottom. Solid 12mm laminated top and fully adjustable…its one of our most popular features.

Side Mounted Sub-Woofer version:

This unit measures 880mm W x 760mm D x 275mm H. For this model the one drawer is wider than the other – this means you get a wider table, so a really good option with the Wrangler as the unit is quite compact. The unit also comes with cut outs in the base so that you can access the space beneath the drawers. You just simply slide the drawers out. This is a good place to store a few spares, some tools or ropes/straps! There’s a good amount of space, so its essential that you can get to it. There are lift off side wings that fill the gaps around the sides, and on the drivers side there is a nice bit of space left down behind the sub woofer.

Floor Mounted Sub-Woofer version:

With the FLOOR mounted sub woofer – JEEP WRANGLER JK (4 door model) – you get a wider bigger drawers + wider table. This unit measures 950mm W x 770mm L x 275mm H. There are lift off side wings that fill the gaps around the sides and tidy the whole thing up and give you a nice flat deck across the top. A full fitting kit and instructions is provided, so self install is fairly easy.

Some images may show optional extras, not included in the base price. Contact us for complete quotation on your custom Drifta drawer system.