The BushRanger NGX is an ALL NEW trailer design currently in development and is the result of several years of design, testing and touring with Camper Trailers. We're currently finalizing the design with a number of prototype units in testing, while concurrently working on gaining the necessary regulatory approvals to begin production. The latter is proving to be a slower process that we had anticipated so at this stage our goal is to have a final pre-production model ready to launch publicly at the BC Overland Rally being held at Hemlock Valley Resort in June of 2017.

There are a number of configurations planned which will all share the same basic frame and body design with variances in the fit out of sleeping and living areas. These include;

Sport Edition: The model for those that don't need a sleeping area and just want to haul gear and outdoors equipment such as kayaks or bikes into the back country.

Escape Edition: The perfect model for those that want to take their home with them wherever they go. The Escape features the OZtrail Ridgeline Zenith tent offering 200sq.ft. of living area.

Adventure Edition: This is the model for those that know no bounds. Massive ground clearance, plenty of storage space, an Roof Top Tent and Rhino Rack Foxwing awning make this is your ultimate adventure basecamp. Additional roof tent, awning and rack options will be offered based on customer requirements.

Here is a look at some of the key features and options in the works.


Timbren Independent suspension

A true off road trailer needs to be ready for anything - the Timbren Axle-Less independent suspension is perfect for this task. On the Bushranger NGX we've opted for the new, purpose built, long travel 1 Tonne heavy duty suspension. This setup up is designed with a longer trailing arm and heavy duty componentry which offers outstanding offroad performance while maintaining a comfortable, responsive ride. The lack of a cross beam axle means that you are getting maximum ground clearance from your trailer.

We have two different heights on offer for the NGX trailers. The standard lift has been designed to suit the tent height requirements of the Oztrail Ridgeline Zenith tent. The lift plus 4 setup that we use on the Adventure edition offers the same great travel but raises the trailer a further 4”. Perfect for if you want to tow with a very lifted vehicle.


Heavy Duty Frame

Heavy Duty BushRanger NGX frame

This trailer has been designed to go anywhere you want to take it, the frame has had significant strength enhancements made. To do this we have built the frame entirely out of 2" x 3” steel box channel with laser cut tongue and groove joints to ensure maximum strength. To further prolong the life of the frame the whole frame is hot dip galvanized to guard against rust.


Body Design

The BushRanger NGX utilizes a modular design principle with each of the panels individually laser cut and precision bent to for a superior fit and finish. The panels are then put through a 2 stage powder coating process. An inital priming stage to ensure adhesion to the metal, and then finished in a rugged black or white textured powder coat.


OZtrail trailer tent or Roof Top Tent

BushRanger NGX with Oztrail Ridgeline Zenith

We will be offering the Bushranger NGX with a number of tent options to suit your camping style. The Escape edition will feature the OZtrail Ridgeline Zenith trailer tent, the same high quality tent that we have been using on the BushRanger trailers for years. Featuring 340gsm canvas, easy setup and pack down and around 200 sq feet of living space it is the perfect option for an escape with the family.

The BushRanger NGX Adventure Edition will instead offer a top rack and an ARB Kakadu Roof Top Tent. The ARB Kakadu tent is made from heavy duty 300gsm canvas and has been designed by ARB specifically for offroad trailers. To round out the living are on the Adventure edition will feature an optional Rhino-Rack FoxWing awning which offers 270 degrees of cover around the trailer. Additional tent and awning options will be available allowing you to customize your setup.


NGX Accessories

BushRanger NGX accessory options

As standard the BushRanger NGX trailer will come with a 46” lockable aluminum tongue box, 2 jerry can holders and a 5lb propane bottle holder.  

As we get closer to the release we will let you know more about the various accessories and options for the NGX.

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