ARB is an Australian company that has been developing and manufacturing premium off road and touring gear since 1975. We've been selling a number of ARB products for a while now but are excited to announce that we've expanded our relationship with this great company to include the full range of ARB Touring products. In addition, we are now able to offer more competitive pricing on many of the most popular ARB products like fridges, roof top tents and new products like ARB awnings, awning tents and SkyDome Swags... Our first ARB shipment has just arrived so contact us today or stop by the shop to check it all out. 

ARB Fridge Freezers & Accessories

ARB 12V Fridge Freezer

The ARB 12v Fridge Freezer is the perfect accessory for your weekend getaway or your 2 week road trip. Offering you continuous cold storage for your food and drink the ARB fridge Freezer is built to last and stand up against anything you can throw at it. Coming in 4 different sizes there is a right size ARB Fridge for everyone.

The ARB Fridge Transit Bag is an excellent way to help insulate your fridge improving the already excellent performance and economy even further. The transit bag also helps to protect the fridge from any unwanted dents and scratches. 

Accessing the fridge can often be one of the harder tasks that’s why ARB have the ARB Fridge Slide. The fridge slide allows the fridge to pull out of the back of the vehicle making it easier to access over the tailgate or out of the boot of the car.

To ensure that your fridge is always cold ARB have also developed a Wireless Fridge Monitor. The monitor allows you to keep track of the temperature, voltage and compressor status

ARB Awnings & Accessories

ARB Vehicle Awning

The ARB Awnings are ideal for offering shade and protection from the elements. Easily deployable in a matter of minutes the Awnings come in multiple sizes to suit the side or rear of your vehicle or trailer.

If you are looking for a simple solution on where to sleep for the night that ARB Awning Tent is perfect. The tent is a quick and easy addition to the awning that allows you a dry sheltered place to sleep, cook or simply chill out.

When a full room is not called for there is always the option of the ARB Awning Walls. With the option of a side or front wall you can customize the set up to suit the location and your needs.

While the ARB awnings are excellent protection from the sun and rain they do little to keep the wind out. The ARB Awning Wind Break solves that problem by giving you a 45 degree wall out from the awning to push wind up and over and offer you excellent shelter.

ARB Rooftop Tents

ARB Kakadu Roof Top Tent

We've been selling ARB Simpson III rooftop tent for years now and this has been a popular option for those that want a premium quality rooftop tent.

We are now also stocking the NEW ARB Kakadu tent as an option. This tent is made from the same high quality material that the Simpson model is made from however it is designed with with option of mounting on lower platforms such as truck beds or trailers in mind.


NEW ARB SkyDome Swag


The humble swag has been staple in the Australian bush since the late 1800s. In fact the swag has been immortalised in the Banjo Patterson poem Waltzing Matilda and in history. Incorporating the latest in swag design and comfort, the ARB SkyDome swags have been designed from the ground up to meet the exact needs of off-roaders and car campers alike. Over the years, the humble swag has evolved from a simple sheet of canvas to a tapered design, and more recently to dome shaped structures. This evolution continues with the unique configuration of the ARB SkyDome swag.